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 - Apple iTunes v.  - Process Lasso Lite v.3.54.2  - UltraEdit-32 v.15.00  - Asterisk Key v.8.5 Build 3141  - VideoLAN v.0.9.9  - NetSetMan v.2.5.4  - Vista Manager v.2.0.7  - J. River Media Center v.13.0.145  -

Categories: Media   ||   apple itunes v.


Apple iTunes is a music program for organizing and playing music. iTunes allows you to quickly find any song in the Audio Library, digitized with a music CD or created in GarageBand. Smart playlists help you mix and match the song of your choice means. Each song is available from iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD. Or, take and share songs with friends online, no matter their Mac or PC. This is easy, thanks to embedded network technology Rendezvous. And, of course, iTunes is well combined with the best music player iPod.

Apple iTunes v.

To download Apple iTunes v. click the following link: (69,9 Mb, Freeware)

2159 Rating: 5.3/10 (12 votes cast)

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Apple iTunes v.

apple itunes v.

Categories: System   ||   process lasso lite v.3.54.2


Updated Process Lasso, a small utility for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 32/64-bits operating systems, which allow manually or automatically manipulate processes, loaded on your computer to obtain maximum speed and stability. There is a possibility to kill processes, which completely load processor, to create lists of those permitted and forbidden processes, all processes activities are logged. In Pro- version, there is no limitation to a supported processes quantity (in free version only three).

Process Lasso Lite v.3.54.2

In the new version, a large quantity of corrections and modifications was made.

To download Process Lasso Lite v.3.54.2 click the following link (547 Kb,Freeware):

2158 Rating: 5.7/10 (12 votes cast)

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Process Lasso Lite v.3.54.2

process lasso lite v.3.54.2

Categories: Office   ||   ultraedit-32 v.15.00


Updated UltraEdit, very comfortable and has a large number of opportunities for text editor designed to edit any text file (even more). There is spell check option dragging fragments of the text, it is possible to edit files in HEX-format, there is a sorting and customizable toolbars, and many other useful features.

UltraEdit-32 v.15.00

To download UltraEdit-32 v.15.00 click the following link: (15,4 Mb, Shareware, Windows All).

2157 Rating: 7.2/10 (12 votes cast)

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UltraEdit-32 v.15.00

ultraedit-32 v.15.00

Categories: Security   ||   asterisk key v.8.5 build 3141


Released new version of utility Asterisk Key, which is used for showing passwords, hidden by asterisks ( * ) in password introduction windows or on Web pages under operating systems Windows. Program is simple in use, it supports work with extended symbols and it is absolutely free.

Asterisk Key v.8.5 Build 3141

To download Asterisk Key v.8.5 Build 3141 click the following link: (454 KB, Freeware, Windows all).

2156 Rating: 4.5/10 (11 votes cast)

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Asterisk Key v.8.5 Build 3141

asterisk key v.8.5 build 3141

Categories: Media   ||   videolan v.0.9.9


Released new version of VideoLAN, the main purpose of which is to broadcast streaming video on the local network. Also, it is possible to use the program as an ordinary media. VideoLAN Server can read and translate the files, taken from the hard drive, DVD-player, or directly from the card. Supports work with the formats DVD, VCD, MPEG, DivX and many others, including streaming. The program is free and goes under the operating system, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, BSD, Solaris, QNX, iPaq ...

VideoLAN v.0.9.9

To download VideoLAN v.0.9.9 click the following link: (16 Mb, Freeware)

2155 Rating: 6.3/10 (11 votes cast)

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VideoLAN v.0.9.9

videolan v.0.9.9

Categories: Network   ||   netsetman v.2.5.4


NetSetMan is a small free software, which easily allows to be switched between six different net profiles, into the parameters number which they enter: IP address, the sub-net mask, sluice, DNS server, computer name, working group, the started scripts, etc...

NetSetMan v.2.5.4

To download NetSetMan v.2.5.4 click the following link: (1,4 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2154 Rating: 5.3/10 (12 votes cast)

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NetSetMan v.2.5.4

netsetman v.2.5.4

Categories: System   ||   vista manager v.2.0.7


New update released of Vista Manager, the tool which will help you to optimize, to clean and to dispose the operating system Windows vista under your needs. This software contains more than twenty different utilities, which allow access to hundreds of usual and concealed parameters for speed tuning, system safety, cleaning and improvement on the network, by startup control and others functions.

Vista Manager v.2.0.7

In the new version some internal modules are renovated. 

To download Vista Manager v.2.0.7 (Shareware, Windows vista):

2153 Rating: 4.3/10 (12 votes cast)

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Vista Manager v.2.0.7

vista manager v.2.0.7

Categories: Media   ||   j. river media center v.13.0.145


J. River Media Center is a program for survey video, pictures and hearing musical tracks with download support from iPod players and other portable devices. There is a possibility to simultaneously reproduce music through several sound cards, there is a powerful organizer for work with photographs. Furthermore, J. River Media Center allows to examine pictures and movies in a full screen regime with simple navigation.

J. River Media Center v.13.0.145

To download J. River Media Center v.13.0.145 click the following link: (13,5 Mb., Shareware, Windows all).

2152 Rating: 4.0/10 (12 votes cast)

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J. River Media Center v.13.0.145

j. river media center v.13.0.145

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Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.12009-04-24

Anti-keylogger v.9.2.12009-04-24

Portable Firefox v.3.0.92009-04-24

AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a14952009-04-24

Universal Viewver v.4.0.02009-04-24

Wise Disk Cleaner v.4.242009-04-24

FeedDemon v. Beta2009-04-24

SiSoft Sandra 2009 SP2 (2009.5.15.96)2009-04-24

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Bios update for 24 April2009-04-24

AIMP Classic v.2.60 Build 466 Beta 12009-04-23

SpeedFan v.4.382009-04-23

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CD/DVD Diagnostic v.3.0.0 Build 82 (71275)

Samsung CD/DVD firmware update 24 May (64542)

Atheros AR5xxx Driver v. (54972)

UTorrent 1.8 Build 9599 Beta (54351)

Backup To DVD/CD v.5.1.235 (54031)

Kaspersky AVP Tool v. 19\02\2009 (48475)

Atheros ethernet controller Driver v. (45253)

Daemon Tool v.4.30.4 (42281)

Ares Torrent Downloader 5.50 (41897)

Windows 7 7048 (38700)

WinSCP v.4.1.9 (38118)

SnagIt v.9.1.2 (37929)

iPod Monopoly game (37770)

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