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 - Vopt v.9.09  - PSP Video 9 v.4.07  - FastPictureViewver v.1.00 Build 78  - BWMeter v.4.3.2  - K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v.4.7.5  - K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.5  - HiDownload Pro v.7.28  - GMER v.  -

Categories: Tools   ||   vopt v.9.09


Vopt is a defragmenter for operating systems, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, with several operation modes: fast, secure (the conservation of important data before you defragmenter), simple and professional (with the test system and deleting unnecessary files).

Vopt v.9.09

To download Vopt v.9.09 click the following link: (3,5 Mb, Shareware, Windows All).

2063 Rating: 2.6/10 (16 votes cast)

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Vopt v.9.09

vopt v.9.09

Categories: Media   ||   psp video 9 v.4.07


PSP Video is a free program for PSP video converting and managing . It helps to convert video files from ordinary PC (avi, mpeg, etc.) in video for PSP, as well as manage/copy these video files between your PC and PSP. If combined with other program, Videora + PSP Video 9, you get the first solution for PSPcasting, allowing you to retrieve, transform and copy video to your PSP automatically using BitTorrent technology, and RSS.

PSP Video 9 v.4.07

To download PSP Video 9 v.4.07 click the following link: (10 Mb, Freeware, Windows All).

2062 Rating: 2.6/10 (16 votes cast)

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PSP Video 9 v.4.07

psp video 9 v.4.07

Categories: Media   ||   fastpictureviewver v.1.00 build 78


FastPictureViewer is a small free graphic files checker for operating systems Windows XP/Vista, basic feature of which is high operation speed and simplicity in use. Program does not have extended possibilities, proposed by other applications (like editing and conversion files), but with its basic function it manages noticeably. Preview of separate files and entire folders is supported, there is a collection of simplest options. Among supported sizes JPEG and Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp).

FastPictureViewver v.1.00 Build 78


To download FastPictureViewver v.1.00 Build 78 click the following link:(1,8 Mb., Freeware, Windows XP/Vista).

2061 Rating: 2.2/10 (15 votes cast)

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FastPictureViewver v.1.00 Build 78

fastpictureviewver v.1.00 build 78

Categories: Network   ||   bwmeter v.4.3.2


Released new version of BWMeter utility, for graphic display and transmitted traffic calculation on your network. The program allows to calculate transmitted packets, as well as know from where and where they go to port and protocol. You can separately be internal or outgoing/incoming Internet traffic. There are customizable filters, reports may be presented both graphically and in digital records.

BWMeter v.4.3.2

In this version errors are fixed and added some options.

To download BWMeter v.4.3.2 click the following link: (880 Kb, Shareware, Windows 2000/XP/Vista).

2060 Rating: 1.9/10 (15 votes cast)

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BWMeter v.4.3.2

bwmeter v.4.3.2

Categories: Media   ||   k-lite mega codec pack v.4.7.5


Updated universal collection of different programs and codecs K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which consists of K-Lite Codec Pack Full (a collection of codecs and tools for viewing films and movies in digital format), Real Alternative, has support for Bink and Smacker, and a decoder Monkey's Audio DirectShow and other useful components:

  • K-Lite Codec Pack v.4.7.5 Full
  • Real Alternative v.1.90

To download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v.4.7.5 click the following link: (19,3 Mb, Windows All)

2059 Rating: 2.4/10 (15 votes cast)

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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v.4.7.5

k-lite mega codec pack v.4.7.5

Categories: Media   ||   k-lite codec pack 4.7.5


Updated the universal pack of different programs and codecs K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which will be useful to all, who watch films and movies in DivX/XviD formats.

  • Player:
    • Media Player Classic Homecinema [version 1.2.1008.0]
    • Media Player Classic [version rev. 99]
  • ffdshow:
    • ffdshow [revision 2819]
    • ffdshow VFW interface
    • extra plugins
  • DirectShow video decoding filters:
    • XviD [version 1.2.1]
    • DivX [version 6.8.5]
    • On2 VP7 [version]
    • MPEG-2 (Cyberlink) [version]
    • MPEG-2 (Gabest) [version]
  • DirectShow audio decoding filters:
    • AC3/DTS/LPCM/MP1/MP2 (AC3Filter) [version 1.51a]
    • Vorbis (CoreVorbis) [version]
    • AAC (MONOGRAM) [version]
  • DirectShow audio parsers:
    • FLAC (madFLAC) [version 1.8]
    • WavPack (CoreWavPack) [version 1.1.1]
    • MusePack (MONOGRAM) [version |]
    • Monkey's Audio (DCoder) [version 1.0]
    • OptimFROG (RadLight) [version]
    • AMR (MONOGRAM) [version]
    • DC-Bass Source [version 1.2.0]
    • AC3/DTS Source (AC3File) [version 0.5b]
  • DirectShow source filters:
    • AVI splitter (Gabest) [version]
    • AVI splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
    • MP4 splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
    • MP4 splitter (Gabest) [version]
    • Matroska splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
    • Matroska splitter (Gabest) [version]
    • Ogg splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
    • Ogg splitter (Gabest) [version 1.2.997.0]
    • MPEG PS/TS splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
    • MPEG PS/TS splitter (Gabest) [version 1.2.997.0]
    • FLV splitter (Gabest) [version]
    • CDXA Reader (Gabest) [version]
  • DirectShow subtitle filter:
    • DirectVobSub (a.k.a. VSFilter) [version]
    • DirectVobSub (a.k.a. VSFilter) [version 2.33]
  • Other filters:
    • Haali Video Renderer [version]
  • VFW video codecs:
    • XviD [version 1.2.1]
    • DivX [version 6.8.5]
    • On2 VP6 [version]
    • On2 VP7 [version]
    • huffyuv [version 2.1.1 CCE Patch 0.2.5]
    • YV12 (Helix) [version 1.2]
  • ACM audio codecs:
    • MP3 (LAME) [version 3.98.2]
    • AC3ACM [version 1.4]
  • Tools:
    • Codec Tweak Tool [version 2.5.1]
    • MediaInfo Lite [version 0.7.12]
    • VobSubStrip [version 0.11]
    • GraphStudio [version]
    • Haali Muxer
    • Bitrate Calculator

To download K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.5 click the following link: (13,5 Mb, Freeware, windows all).

2058 Rating: 2.7/10 (15 votes cast)

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K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.5

k-lite codec pack 4.7.5

Categories: Internet   ||   hidownload pro v.7.28


Updated download manager HiDownload, capable to download files from network Internet on protocols HTTP, FTP, RTSP and MMS with a maximally possible speed. Program knows how to work with a large quantity of files, it can restore interrupted downloads, it works with multi flow a load, is well tuned to work with proxy servers, it allows to save Flash animations, RA and RM. In the Pro version, there is a function for data flow references analysis and a search tool for MP3 files.

HiDownload Pro v.7.28

In a new version only errors are corrected.

To download HiDownload Pro v.7.28 click the following link: (1,9 Mb., Shareware, Windows all).

2057 Rating: 2.7/10 (15 votes cast)

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HiDownload Pro v.7.28

hidownload pro v.7.28

Categories: Tools   ||   gmer v.


GMER is a small free utility, which is intended for system monitoring : it reflects all processes and services, the list of used files, registry keys and drivers . Furthermore, GMER monitors the processes creation  , drivers download and libraries, TCP/IP- connections activity ....


To download GMER v. click the following link: (272 KB, Freeware, Windows NT/2000/XP).

2056 Rating: 2.3/10 (15 votes cast)

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gmer v.

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