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 - Drm-Removal v.3.8.0  - RemoveIT Pro v4 SE (27.03.2009)  - Becky! Internet Mail v.2.50.05  - BurnAware v.2.3.3  - Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.8  - Ultra Defragmenter v.3.0.0  - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v.1.35  - DEKSI Network Inventory v.8.5  -

Categories: Media   ||   drm-removal v.3.8.0


The utility Drm-Removal allow easily, to rapidly and qualitatively convert musical files with DRM protection  into different unprotected types. Program possesses simple and convenient interface, it is capable to convert in following combinations: WMV in AVI, AVI in MP4, RM in MP3, SVCD in AVI, TiVo in AVI, AMR in MP3, M4B in MP3, M4B in WAV, M4V in AVI, M4V in MP3, RAX in M4A, RM in AVI, RM in M4P, SVCD in M4P, TiVo into DivX, VCD in AVI, VCD in M4P, WMA in MP3, M4P in MP3, WMV in M4P, WMA in M4P, WMA in AAC, RAX in MP3, WAV in MP3, AAC in WMA, MP3 in AAC, WAV in AAC, AAC in MP3, XviD in M4P, TiVo in M4P.

Drm-Removal v.3.8.0


To download Drm-Removal v.3.8.0 click the following link: (16,8 Mb., Shareware, Windows all).

2055 Rating: 2.3/10 (20 votes cast)

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Drm-Removal v.3.8.0

drm-removal v.3.8.0

Categories: Antivirus   ||   removeit pro v4 se (27.03.2009)


Updated the small free utility RemoveIT Pro, which on the developers assertions is capable to remove away even viruses, independent to other popular anti viruses. Program also gives reports about all active processes on PC (with indication of full target) and list of all modules and files, usable with Windows load.

RemoveIT Pro v4 SE (27.03.2009)

To download RemoveIT Pro v4 SE (27.03.2009) click the following link (2,7 Mb., Freeware, Windows XP).

2054 Rating: 1.9/10 (17 votes cast)

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RemoveIT Pro v4 SE (27.03.2009)

removeit pro v4 se (27.03.2009)

Categories: Internet   ||   becky! internet mail v.2.50.05


Becky! Internet mail allows to create and to use several mailboxes, work with large  letters quantity , create HTML- communications and examine them, using Internet explorer. This software Support template, reminding  , filters manager  , distributions manager  , contains built-in directory. Functionality can be enlarged as a result of the multiple supplemental modules. The possibilities level  is completely compared with any analogous email client, for example, the bat !.

Becky! Internet Mail 2.50.05

New release adds support for NTLM authorization , and also contains new options for mailboxes. Furthermore, this New release eliminated about five different errors, connected with mail method.

To download Becky! Internet Mail v.2.50.05 click the following link: (2.7 MB, shareware, Windows All).

2053 Rating: 3.1/10 (17 votes cast)

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Becky! Internet Mail v.2.50.05

becky! internet mail v.2.50.05

Categories: Media   ||   burnaware v.2.3.3


BurnAware is a relatively small and simple in a use program for information and musical compositions record on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD disks, which will prove useful both to experience and novices users. BurnAware supports work with all types of disks (including CD R/RW, DVD R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD R/RE, HD DVD R/RW and DVD RAM) and record devices. Utility supports virtual copies creation, it is capable to write multi session disks, it has an option to check recorded contents, it works under operating systems Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista (32/64-bits).

BurnAware v.2.3.3

To download BurnAware v.2.3.3 click the following link: (8,6 Мб, Shareware, Windows all):

2052 Rating: 2.2/10 (17 votes cast)

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BurnAware v.2.3.3

burnaware v.2.3.3

Categories: Browser   ||   mozilla firefox v.3.0.8


In the network appeared new version of new generation web browser Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.7 (old Mozilla firebird, and even previously Mozilla phoenix). Mozilla FireFox is the lightest version of the original Mozilla, and in comparison with its elder versions, FireFox has less functional possibilities and options (however, situation was corrected by the presence of an enormous plugins quantity ), but occupies considerably less places on hard disk. Program is extremely convenient and simple in use and has an enormous worshippers quantity throughout the world.

Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.8


To download Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.8 (7.2 Mb, Freeware):

2051 Rating: 2.2/10 (17 votes cast)

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Mozilla Firefox v.3.0.8

mozilla firefox v.3.0.8

Categories: Tools   ||   ultra defragmenter v.3.0.0


UltraDefrag is a free defrag tool for Windows NT operating systems (except NT 4.0). The program has a fast engine, able to work in graphical mode and console mode. There is an option to display the cluster scheme, supports work on schedule mode, with filters ofcompressed files. UltraDefrag is able to create HTML reports.

Ultra Defragmenter v.3.0.0

To download Ultra Defragmenter v.3.0.0 click the following link: ( 333 Kb, Freeware, Windows All/Linux).

2050 Rating: 2.4/10 (17 votes cast)

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Ultra Defragmenter v.3.0.0

ultra defragmenter v.3.0.0

Categories: Security   ||   malwarebytes anti-malware v.1.35


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a new program from RogueRemover Pro creators and About: Buster and other popular tools, designed for quick scanning for various types of malicious software. Anti-Malware is still under development, so that can cause instability.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v.1.35

To download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v.1.35 click the following link: (2,8 Mb, Freeware, Windows All).

2049 Rating: 2.2/10 (17 votes cast)

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v.1.35

malwarebytes anti-malware v.1.35

Categories: Network   ||   deksi network inventory v.8.5


Updated powerful program DEKSI Network Monitor, which allows you to monitor servers. Support work with web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, databases, directories, and DNS. In monitoring a process are showing CPU load and disk system that displays running processes, event logs are displayed etc.

DEKSI Network Inventory v.8.5

To download DEKSI Network Inventory v.8.5 click the following link: (4,4 Mb, Shareware, Windows All).

2048 Rating: 1.9/10 (17 votes cast)

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DEKSI Network Inventory v.8.5

deksi network inventory v.8.5

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