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external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms
Posted:2006-06-21 By hdd test
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By :hdd test


xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms

Seagate 200GB External Hard Drive

Seagate 200GB External Hard Drive

Company:LLC of technology of Seagate, www.seagate.com   

Capacity: 200GB;RPM:7.200 rpm;Connection:Usb 1.1, 2.0, Firewire 400;

7.1 X 6.5 X 2.25 inches 2.6 ounces  

For:  This external hard drive is one of the fastest tested "the second one". the one touch button back up future is great

Against:this drive use free version of software witch lack for future more additional option are required

Botton line: Th This external hard drive come with 200gig capacity ,for sure the larger is the better the hard drive present modest performance it show good performance is some test but if fail in other. addtionnal future to software package could help this drive to get better score .

External Hard Drive Seagate 200GB  Review  

The external hard drive from segate Seagate with capacity  of 200GB was an average performer on our tests, with neither higher score in our test nor excellent software package.if the hdd speed is imports for you u should take a look in WiebeTECH Fire800.abd if u are looking for better software the  choice is with Iomega HDD 250GB.

Only with 200GB, the hdd from Seagate was smallest of  seven external hard drive tested  .we would have preferred to see model of  250GB, but seagate make only two model the 160GB and the 200GB.

The external hard drive come with two usb 2.0 port and one firewire 400 connection , located  in the back near the switching power botton.on the front of this hdd u can see the power light activity and the one touch button used to fullty back the hdd in case of fail.this external hard drive has come formated  with FAT32 file system so it can be easly used with borth windows and Macintosh operating system.

On our performance tests, the Seagate ecternal drive placed fourth among the locally attached drives,  it was behind the winner by a large margin. It win over the Iomega, Maxtor, and Western Digital drives only by a narrow margin; all those 4 drive has performed rawlly the same.the segate hard drive was somehow slightly faster using firewire 400 than with usb 2.0 interface

The bounce back express software what really very easy for use .there was a very intuitive way to set backup and to configure the one touch button.but we have found out that this was only the free software version u should get the full version to get more advanced function and setting.the automatic back up function should be with the current pakage there is no need to buy  software to get it working.there is also an utulity from the disk to format the hdd on ntfs with easy step

The only 200GB locally attached the order in our test, Seagate is a decent interpreter, but not grand.Des faster times of test and the software more entirely described would raise the sound  

Western DIGITAL 250GB Dual-Option External hard Drive

Western DIGITAL 250GB Dual-Option External hard Drive

Company:Western DIGITAL Corp., www.westerndigital.com   

Capacity: 250GB;RPM:7.200 rpm;Connection:Usb 1.1, 2.0, Firewire 400;

.57 X 5.75 X 8.26 inches 2 ounces  

For: PortThe USB 2.0 is placed in the front so it is much easyer to acces and connect the cables. there is also botton for autoback ,aautorestor the data.

Against: it is Slow when compared to other drive ,software for baclup are difficult  to use.

Botton line: The external hard drive from Western  of DIGITAL looked nice at first time. it was futured with many port and connection plus the additional bacl up buuton but due to difficult for using software and weak performance it has scored down.

External Hard drive Western  DIGITAL 250GB  Review

First impression with this external hard drive design was great but this was far to be true for the overall.the western degital was one of the poorest performer in our test in addtion of the difficult back up usage.this was the reason why it score that s low.

The drive look nice with silver back color. it has many port there was one usb 2.0 and 2 firewire 400 in the front, and in the back side there was two addtionnal usb 2.0 connection.this could be hapefuuly for camera or additional hdd connection.this external drive from western degital come as well  with auto back up function. the botton was localted in the front .the drive as said come with 250gig capacity and formated with fat 32 file system as the seagate one

THis drive was one of the three worest performer in our test.it was as fast as maxtor and lomega in some test.the drive showed better performance using the firewire connection but it scored equal in performance term in multimedia test with usb 2.0 and firewire.

The drive has come with dantz retrispect express backup utility like the external drive from maxtor.note that maxtor drive used more recent update for the software package.the configuration of the auto restor function was somehow easy .but the prebelem here that u cant choose subvolume to restor u can back up the hole volume only.so there is lack of back up option

The overall is poor due to the slow performance and the lack of software .the only good thing with western digital external hard drive is the look

WiebeTECH Fire800 External hard Drive

WiebeTECH Fire800

Company:WiebeTECH, www.wiebetech.com   

Capacity: 250GB;RPM:7.200 rpm;Connection:Usb 1.1, 2.0, Firewire 400/800;

9.0 X 5.1 X 1.4 inches 3 ounces  

For: Showed high speed with application that require high bandwidth  .

Against: Large, heavy, expensive, heat-up.

Botton line: excellent choice for those who are looking to high performer external hard drive but the performance come with cost of high price

External Hard drive WiebeTECH Fire800 250GB Review

The external hard drive from wiebtech fire 800 is one of the two fastest drive tested today . the in out performance was high due to the firewire 800 connection.

so the wiebetech fire 800 come 3 connection type availble .there is usb 2.0 ,firewire 400 and the fire 800 . there is no back up software that come with this dive but u can easy copy file via windows explorer. the firewire 800 present high sped witch make excelent choice for outboard video and even foe editing.so sure the usb 2 interface can not be equal to the internal hard drive but u can t notice the performance using the wiebetech fire 800 external hard drive the overhead is low enough.

the performance test done in firewire 400 showed that the performance is equal to usb 2.0 interface.note that the firewire 800 did not present high improvmemnt over the firewire 400 .here is some statistique.

WiebeTECH Fire800

As u can see firewire 400 vs 800 in performance there is a boost from 400 to 800 about 15 megabyte/s

The wiebetech fire 800 present high performance at the coast of its high price .it can boost the performance in workstation class.it is also boost the video performance

Buffalo LinkStation Network Storage Center External hard Drive

Company:Technology of Buffalo (the United States) Inc, www.buffalotech.com   

Capacity: 120GB;RPM:7.200 rpm;Connection:Usb 1.1, 2.0, Ethernet(network);

7.0 X 7.4 X 2.4 inches 3,08 ounces  

For: Private storage shared and easy for all the users . print sharing is a plus.

Against: It is not the fastest hard drive availble the overll office performance is adequate .

Botton line: can be used over the network so it is handly storage for everyone ,fleible,easy to configure .have print sharing option can be used and usb disk storage.

Buffalo LinkStation Network Storage Center external Hard drive review  

The main difference between buffalo linkstationand the server is not very large.the linkstation is a network attached storage with capability of print server, it can be attached via usb port and u can setup a shared folder over the network.u still have the possiblity to attache other hard drive to this one via usb but first those drive should be formated with linkstation

The linkstation can be connected to your router like any network device.u should note that this external drive is a network drive not plug and play device.u must first run software in all other pc connected with linkstation .there will be a DHCP lookup then the ip adresse will be automatically asseigned.then it come time to login in the embedded Unix system to manage drive sharing security etc...

first add the drive in a network group then protect it wih password if needed u have full acess to config such write protection etc...

The performance of this external hard drive is limited but the 100mb/s the maximium allowed via network.the usb connection have higher speed this was the main reason why this drive has been outperfomed by other.the linkstation provide easy back up they can even schedled.the back up can be done with pc using windows.the network connection was enough even if there is many people connected.ideal for audio music sharing.

it would be nice if the capacity of this drive was higher than 120 gig but thecurrent linkstation provide good performance and overall future and capability was more than enough

Linksys EtherFast Network Attached Storage EFG120 external hard drive

Linksys EtherFast Network

Company:Linksys, www.linksys.com   

Capacity: 120GB;RPM:7.200 rpm;Connection: Ethernet(network);

3.2 X 11.4 X 9.2inches 8.2 ounces  

For: Easy to install on an existing LAN;one printer share;can add two more drive;the drive can be locked

Against: only one printer can be shared.physically large.expencive for the given storage 

Botton line: additional hard drive are useful to back up your server,printer sharing

External Hard drive  Linksys EtherFast review

Linksys EFG120 is the largest external drive that we have tested.the version that we have tested come with 120 gig.it can be spilted in small hard and eatch one could be lockable

The Linksys EFG120 woud be a great small office and print server.their is great interfece for managment. eatch account can have it own password with ability to change them.eatch user can have a shared and private area.u can aslo define group then add user to them for easy folder sharing.their is also nice feature that alret the adminstrator with probleme that require attention

The EFG120 external drive can be configured as a second hard drive it support udma 33 and 66 with even a raid option.

as u can see with such future this external drive becaume complete for network system..As all Ethernet drive the performance is limited the 100mb/s.the drive come with slow processor this made it the slowest drive that we have tested.note that the 22 to 40 mb/s should enough for affice application.so the hard drive can be usefull for use in network office based 

there was a limit in the print server it is limited to only one.the drive have a couple of usb 2.0 connection it was better if the support of many printer was present

The overall is a bit pricey for future included

Ximeta NetDisk Mini external hard drive

Ximeta NetDisk Mini external hard drive

Company:Ximeta Inc, www.ximeta.com   

Capacity: 40GB;RPM:5 400 rpm;Connection: Fast Ethernet(network);

0.93 X 3.1 X 5.6 inches 1.5 ounces  

For: The drive is extremly fast I compared to other Ethernet drive.low price. can be used as network or personnal usb drive

Against: This drive require special driver to use over the network.there is no much network future

Botton line: The drive is very fast it can be used for network or personnal use.on addition of the low price

Ximeta NetDisk Mini external hard drive Review  

and here is the fastest drive tested.the drive has performed very well in usb 2.0 test it also managed to beat all other network drive via Ethernet

The drive can be powered by usb it s power requirement is about 500 milliamps.we had some probleme with hard drive shut down.we had fugured that in certain case the hard drive requirement became more than what can the usb port handle as a solution the ximeta eternal hard drive provide dual head USB .the second one is used to fix those power issue in case of overload.

when u use ximeta NetDisk Advanced Storage driver.the drive give faster performance is a single or multi operating system environement.but I do not allow more than one user to write data. if u want to get multiwrite mode u will get speed penality.those are issue with driver and can be fixed with next update.there is no back up software and no security per user

this external hard drive  have unique fast performance regarding other drive in addition to the network capability.there is also possiblity to add connect more hdd.the lan performance is more than enough for video.this drive is the less expencive external hdd tested but it is also the smallest one


CMS ABSplus external hard drive

CMS ABSplus external hard drive

Company:CMS Products Inc, www.cmsproducts.com   

Capacity: 80GB;RPM:4 200 rpm;Connection: Usb 2.0;1.1

1.1 X 5.0 X 3.0 inches 7.0 ounces  

For: The drive has a very simple instalation plus inclution of back up software

Against: a slow performance

Botton line: The drive is compact and oriented as back up hdd with good software package 

CMS ABSplus external hard drive Review  

It was very easy to install this external hard drive.just plug it into the usb 2.0 port wait a few second the light will come on and then the drive should appear.it is simple to install under winxp and win 2000 there is also support of win98 but here a driver is required "fault of win98 support"

THe drive is small and come with great professional back up software .there is even a diaster recovery future:this future allow to recuper hard drive failure and allow boot from usb drive

Theere is an automatically partition future.in addition of file compression .u can still use them write delate edit in compressed format .it usuful in case of back up but keep in your mind that your back up should be limited in 80 gig

This external drive is good for value .it is somehow one of the slowest hdd tested.but the additional software and great back up capability are really nice

CODi 40GB USB 2.0 external hard drive

CODi 40GB USB 2.0

Company:CODi Inc, www.codidirect.com   

Capacity: 40GB;RPM:4 200 rpm;Connection: Usb 2.0

5.5 X 3.0 X 0.75 inches 5.8 ounces  

For: The drive has a simple easy instalation

Against: no software for backup ,expencive regard his competitor

Botton line: The drive is not the best buy

CODi 40GB USB 2.0 external hard drive Review  

with a small capacity this external hard drive is usb powered. for those system witch are not able to provide enough power there was a universal usb power supplay for us and european plugs

The instalation under winxp was just easy but there is a lack of win 98 driver.we wasable to do backup oonly using windows utility.there was no back up software in the coupled disk.this external drive was faster than CMS or transcend in the test.the documentation coupled was poor "minimal"

the drive has about the same capacity as the transcend one but with much higher price

This drive should first improve the performance and add some backup software first to get in the market

Kano SureFIRE800 external hard drive

Kano SureFIRE800

Company:Kano Corp. Technologies, www.kanotechnologies.com   

Capacity: 80GB;RPM:5 400 rpm;Connection: Usb 2.0,1.1, firewire 400/800

5.3 X 3.3 X 0.8 inches 10 ounces  

For: The drive has a fast performance with modest storage space in addition of all connection type from usb 1.1 to firewire 800 and the back up software

Against: software are good but complex for use

Botton line: THe performance level is great with software back up and fire wire 800 connection.it was not necessary for such complex usage

Kano SureFIRE800 external hard drive Review  

The drive is heavy u should consider another model if u are looking for more portatif external hard drive

the capacity is twice larger than CODi drive .the front and back pannel are complete with usb 2.0 , fire wire 400 and firewire 8000 connection.i found that the firewire cable are very large in size another reason to add more weight in this drive

The software packge include Retrospect Express 6.5 backup software.this software is powerful and somehow complex for useu can back up format personal storage user.disaster recovery can be doen with burnnig a cd.the surefire800 is good performer with 154mb/s on large directory test and 73 mb/s on large video.the drive is a lot faster using firewire connection it scored about 200mb/s in multimedia test .

this external hard drive should be dedicated for those who work with large video file with good performance .but I hope that we can see more easyer software in next update

SmartDisk FireLite external hard drive

Company:SmartDisk Corp., www.smartdisk.com   

Capacity: 80GB;RPM:4 200 rpm;Connection: Usb 2.0

0.7 X 3.3 X 5.1 inches 6 ounces  

For: The drive has a fast performance with modest storage space with reasonable price

Against: no back up software

Botton line: The performance performance is at good level but there is lack of back up software

SmartDisk FireLite external hard drive Review  

The 80GB SmartDisk FireLite external hard disk drive in compact u can easly put it in your shirt pocket it is size as an mp3 player.there is two version of SmartDisk FireLite firewire and usb 2 .the tested one is using usb 2 connection.we should olso note that This external drive was faster Than CMS ABSplus on multimedia test and as fast as Transcend asl so int his test.intsallation under winxp was just easy.there is also additional PS/2 cable "keyboard" for pc witch could not provide enough power via USB.the probleme here is with notebook user there should be an external power connection .

The back up can be done via windows xp software.

This drive is one of the cheapest drive it good for it s value.but it will be more approciable to seee some back up software

Transcend 1.8" Portable external  Hard Drive

Transcend 1.8" Portable

Company: Inc, www.transcendusa.com   

Capacity: 40GB;RPM:4 200 rpm;Connection: Usb 2.0

3.7 X 2.8 X 0.6  inches 6 ounces  

For: The drive is small and compact.back up software and help guide

Against: slow performance

Botton line: The drive is esasy to use and very compact it s lack for for the low capacity and the poor performance   

Transcend 1.8" Portable external  Hard Drive Review  

I would start by taking about the hard drive compactess .the drive is light and small .it is powered by usb port it is ideal for laptop user.the back up system is complete and esy to use.

ExBoot Express software can do a full backup and restore , and thanks to modern USB-aware BIOSs, . ExBoot Express also performs synchronization, deleting  files from this external hard disk. Although the drive can run on Windows 98 and Me systems with a supplied driver   found in the disk, ExBoot Express runs only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The future of compression can save a lot space the size can be reduced up to 2 or even 3 time this mean that your back up size will grow up when u use this future

The performance of this external drive is modest in the overall .but the easy back up size and price will confirm his place as one of hard drive leader

Here is the full performance result

external  Hard Drive Review  external  Hard Drive Review

xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms

we would be happy to answer for your question . if you have suggestion or comment regarding this review our support would be glad to help just join our forum and ask u will get the best answer to discuss check our forum section :-)


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xtreview -  external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms

external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms
external hard drive review test comparison : Transcend smartdisk kano codi seagate wiebetech wd buffalo linksys ximeta cms

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7600gt is the middle card range. We already benchmarked this video card and found that ...

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