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6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs  128 MB 256 mb
Posted:2006-05-29 By hardware news
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- GALAXY 6600 LE GT GS 128 MB

256 MB

By :hardware news


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6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs  128 MB 256 mb

6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs  128 MB 256 mb

Nvidia has introduced the deforece 6600le gpu .it use the same nv43 core as the 6600gt video card but it came with ddr 2 memory clocked at 400mhz with cut the price.the main deference between the two card is the memory bandwith .

the 6600 Gt agp version came with ddr3 memory clocked at 9000mhz and core at 500mhz

the 6600 GT  pci-x version came with ddr3 memory clocked at 1000mhz and core at 500mhz

the 6600 (AGP/PCI-X)le version came with ddr2 memory clocked at 500 MHz and core at 400mhz.

***note:there is some version of the 6600 low edition come with 600 and 700 MHz memory.

***note:there is even some model using ddr3 memory they are pretty similar to 6600gt the long deferance is 100mhz lower core clock

the 6600le use 128bit memry as other 6600 version so the low clocked memory will get the Anti-aliasing, Anisotropic filtering and high resolutions out of the question.

but the card still using the solid core and architecture of n43 gpu so the performance will be nice ecpeciallly for the price under 100$

here is full card 6600 specifiaction:

  Graphics Bus


PCI Express





Memory Interface 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth 16.0 GB/sec. 14.4 GB/sec. 8 GB/sec
Fill Rate (texels/sec.) 4.0 billion 4.0 billion

1.2 Billion

Vertices per Second 375 million 375 million  
Memory Data Rate 1000 MHz 900 MHz 500 MHz
Pixels per Clock (peak) 8 8 8
RAMDACs 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz

THe 6600le come with passive cooling .the card overclocking is very limited due to this fact the gpu of the 6600 cards is the same but the 6600gt version come with active and huge of cooling in some case .

For today the most popular are models of family GeForce 6600, therefore there is nothing surprising of what exactly they draw steadfast attention of the buyer. Now, when after years calm in computer shops again there are buyers, and at forums questions are again asked: " What to buy? ", reviews of interesting novelties are especially actual. It has appeared, that in a ruler 6600 at Galaxy it is a lot of models, therefore before we shall get acquainted with all them, - small " a family photo ".

In the bottom number{line} there are representatives of family 6600LE, come in the stead 6200. At once above them - three representatives of a ruler 6600, and at the top - two cards{maps} 6600GT. Thus, now there is a rare opportunity to test all cards{maps} ????? and to understand, that they cost{stand} actually. Therefore we shall not waste time on examining of identical dark blue boxes into which cards{maps} are packed, and at once we shall pass to more close acquaintance.

GeForce 6600LE represents the budgetary decision which buyers seldom enough play games. Certainly, anything outstanding from this ruler to expect it was not necessary, and the first 6600LE 128 MB has completely justified these expectations.

6600 card

6600 video card

Enough the big aluminium radiator firstly inspired respect. Unfortunately, at detailed studying it has appeared at all so is good: first, quality of processing of the basis does not maintain any criticism.

6600 fan review

Secondly, so big radiator though closes (at a sight from above) half of payment, however thus does not touch chips of memory. That is, the decision has turned out vague: the manufacturer simply has not taken advantage of advantages of the big radiator.

6600 fan review

However, it is not necessary to forget, that this budgetary decision for the users, doing not wish to spend for a videocard more than 100 $, therefore it is not necessary to demand from it too much.

Continuing to examine a card, you pay attention, that on a videocard memory of manufacture Samsung in due course samples of 4.0 nanoseconds that corresponds to frequency of 500 MHz is established{installed}. However, for a regular mode of such memory it appears enough for the videocard{videomap} works on frequencies of 350/500 MHz.


6600 memory

Besides usual 128-MB a variant the card with 256 MB memories onboard has been tested. Externally it differed nothing, except that chips of memory of manufacture Infineon in due course samples of 4.0 nanoseconds have been used. Regular frequencies also did not differ - 350/500 MHz.

6600 memory

When from a box the third variant to amazement there was no limit has been taken: this inexpensive card which is intended for undemanding users, looked as 6600GT, ????? as 6600GT and has been equipped by socket MIO which is used only in mode SLI. In a word, externally it reminded nothing the budgetary decision.

6600 gt card review

6600gt card review

By the way, the fan has appeared uneasy: after inclusion it starts to be shone, that for certain it is pleasant to owners of cases with windows and the open stands. The system of cooling of a card is made of copper, that also inspires respect. However, from chips of memory radiators to tear off it was not possible, therefore it is necessary to take the manufacturer a word, that there it is established GDDR-3 in due course samples of 2.0 nanoseconds that corresponds to frequency of 1000 MHz. Regular frequencies of a videocard considerably exceed recommended NVIDIA for 6600LE and make 425/1000 MHz. Unfortunately, all chips NV43 on the tested cards had audit ?4, therefore the blocked conveyors to include it was not possible. It is insulting also therefore, that at cost the card with memory GDDR-3 was already practically made even with high-grade GeForce 6600: the price in 99 $ for the budgetary decision seems already a little overestimated. However, for final conclusions comparison with " the senior sister " - GeForce 6600 is necessary.

To result photos Galaxy GeForce 6600 128 MB it is not meaningful: unique visible difference from usual 6600LE - a label on the back party of a payment. All rest is absolutely identical: dark blue PCB, the aluminium radiator, not concerning{touching} chips of memory. Even chips have appeared same - Samsung in due course samples of 4.0 nanoseconds. The main difference is hidden{latent} inside: eight conveyors by default work for used chip NV43 all, promising an essential increase in productivity. However, clock frequencies have appeared hardly below, than at 6600LE, - 300/500 MHz.

However, despite of all similarity 128 MB variants, 256 MB the variant has appeared absolutely unlike on 6600LE.

6600le galaxy review

6600le galaxy card review

The reason of that in a modelling number is present a card on special design, has been found rather quickly: apparently, it is usual ????????-payment NVIDIA on which Galaxy has simply installed a firm cooler with a trade mark.

On a videocard 8 chips of memory of manufacture Samsung in due course samples of 4.0 nanoseconds of that it is quite enough for stable work of a card on regular for it of 300/500 MHz are located.

GeForce 6600 with memory GDDR-3 has received own name - 6600GE. The design of a payment and system of cooling again does not differ that we saw at 6600LE GDDR-3.

However, though formally card also concerns to a ruler 6600, at it much more than the general common features with 6600GT: used PCB, the type of memory, and the clock frequencies equal 400/900, is much closer to 6600GT, rather than to usual 6600. In other words, before us the most usual 6600GT with slightly lowered frequencies. The only thing that makes related this card{map} with a ruler 6600, is the price which for today makes 120 $.

Having taken in hands usual 6600GT, any more you are not surprised: the payment absolutely differs nothing from ????????? 6600LE GDDR-3 and 6600GE GDDR-3. The Same copper radiator with the shone fan on the chip, the same "not torn off" radiators on chips of memory. The only thing, than this card differs, - clock frequencies which make 525/1050 MHz. However, and the payment for the raised frequencies is completely not small: the card costs $160.  

However, besides usual 6600GT, in a modelling number there are the cards intended for silent fans  Instead of usual copper system of cooling on them coolers Zalman VF-700 are installed.

6600 zalaman silent cooling

6600 zalman slinet cooling

By the way, owing to the system of the cooling which have exposed memory, at last it was possible to find out, that the manufacturer used chips Samsung in due course samples of 2.0 nanoseconds. The videocard worked on frequencies of 525/1050 MHz that coincides with frequencies usual 6600GT manufactures Galaxy. Besides it, the card with system of cooling Zalman up to the same frequencies was dispersed, as the card with usual system of cooling (+ /-5 MHz), therefore on final diagrams is present only one 6600GT.

For check the following stand has been collected:

    * the Parent payment - ASUS A8N-SLI, BIOS 1011.

    * the Processor - AMD Athlon 64 3000 + (Venice) 1.8 GHz, 1.4 V, S939.

    * Memory - 2 x 512 MB Hynix PC3200.

    * the Power unit - Macropower MP-360AR.

    * the Cooler - Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu.

The processor has been clocked up to 2600 MHz, the voltage  has been increased untill 1.68 In, memory worked on frequency of 236 MHz with timing 2.5-3-3-6-2?. For videocards were used ForceWare 77.77.

6600le - 6600gs - 6600gt bechmark and overclocking result

6600 3dmark 2001 benchmark

3dmark 2001 benchmark

6600 3dmark 2003 benchmark

3dmark 2003 benchmark

6600 3dmark 2005 benchmark

3dmark 2005 benchmark

6600 fear benchmark

fear benchmark

6600 fear benchmark

fear benchmark

6600 farcry benchmark

farcry benchmark

6600 hale life 2 benchmark

hale life 2 benchmark

6600 doom 3 benchmark

doom 3 benchmark

Especially it would be desirable to note that fact, that on all videocards monitoring temperature of a kernel that allows to watch sensitively the temp of a card. by default has already been included  to prevent its death because of a stop of the fan.

Galaxy 6600LE 128 MB review

review has shown, that the given card not so such slow as it was represented in the beginning. Certainly, presence of only four conveyors cannot positively affect speed, however in a nominal mode backlog from 6600 is insignificant. However, the price concerning high-grade GF6600 also is lowered all on $13, therefore before purchase it will be necessary to weigh carefully all pro and contra,

Galaxy 6600LE 256 MB review

Check of the given card has left only one question: who begins to overpay for  128 MB if they in any way do not show themselves? Plus in comparison with 128 MB a variant to find it was not possible, but minuses are available. It is possible to carry higher price and weak dispersal of memory Infineon to them. In a word, if to buy GeForce 6600LE - that only 128-MB a variant.

Galaxy 6600LE 128 MB GDDR-3 review

The given card is already direct competitor for high-grade GF6600: the prices for them are practically identical, and absence of four conveyors at a LE-variant is compensated by the raised frequencies of a kernel and memory. If to look at results of testing it is possible to notice, that 6600LE GDDR-3 is faster high-grade 6600 practically in all appendices, except for Half-Life 2.

Galaxy 6600 128 MB review

This card represents usual 6600 on which 8 conveyors are included all. Check has shown, that it concedes in a nominal mode 6600LE with GDDR-3 because of low clock frequencies, and in this mode  to take a revenge it is not possible, probably, because of not enough effective system of cooling. In a word, at the given stage the parity is observed, however it is necessary to consider, that tested GF6600 was dispersed poorly enough and for more successful copy the resulted conclusions will appear are not so true.

Galaxy 6600 256 MB review

Check has shown, that the given card practically does not differ on speed from a variant with 128 MB memories onboard. However at purchase it is necessary to consider, that on 256 MB the model is usually installed slower memory, that inevitably affects on the overclocking potential.

Galaxy 6600GE 128 MB GDDR-3 review

An outstanding decision. Perhaps, this card can be named dream of any who looks narrowly to GeForce 6600. Now it is possible  to think of how it would be good to find 6600 " same, but with GDDR-3 ", - the similar card is! And from high-grade 6600GT it is distinguished with only lowered frequencies: design PCB and systems of cooling the same.

Galaxy 6600GT 128 MB  review

The given card could become the best in the today's review as it possesses qualitative system of cooling and good overclocking  potential, but because of a price competition from 6600GE  it is not fated. As a matter of fact, these cards do not differ anything, except for clock frequencies and in this connection it is not absolutely clear why for GT ask additional $40. But the variant with system of cooling Zalman (Silent cooling system), the truth, it is necessary to pay in addition for it still $12.

So, having examined models of family GeForce of 6600 manufactures Galaxy, it is possible to ascertain, that any buyer can pick up a card which will be more suitable for him.  But that is especially pleasant - the prices for so unusual decisions as Galaxy 6600GE, are not beyond reasonable. Therefore if videocards of this firm also will offer further so favourable combination of the price and speed it will be possible to recognize, that  the strategy favourable not only to the manufacturer, but also buyers.

xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs  128 MB 256 mb

we would be happy to answer for your question . if you have suggestion or comment regarding this review our support would be glad to help just join our forum and ask u will get the best answer to discuss check our forum section :-)


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xtreview -  6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs  128 MB 256 mb

6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs 128 MB 256 mb
6600le review overclock benchmark - Galaxy 6600 le gt gs 128 MB 256 mb

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