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Ivy Bridge and Cougar Point chipset

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Ivy Bridge and Cougar Point chipset

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Ivy Bridge 22nm processors Intel LGA 1155 announcement is scheduled for March-April next year, and the chipsets, Cougar Point is available under the sixth Series. Motherboards based on these chipsets after a BIOS update will work with Ivy Bridge generation processors .

Why do I need chipset  Panther Point generation, which will be released simultaneously with the processors Ivy Bridge.  USB 3.0 supports at the chipset level and support for PCI Express 3.0  - these are the most obvious advantages of chipsets Intel seventh series.  In addition, all chipsets in this series will work with the integrated graphics processor in LGA 1155. Focused on the consumer sector chipsets Z77, Z75 and H77 will  lose the support of PCI, but it will be stored for products Q77, Q75 and B75.

In the second table, there is some new information.

There is some limitation setting a new processor Ivy Bridge in motherboard chipset based on old generation Cougar Point.  Support for DirectX 11 and PCI Express 3.0 by the processors is guaranteed, but work with three independent displays is not possible .Also there is not support for Intel Firmware Recovery, Intel Smart Connect, Intel Wireless Display, Intel Identity Protection, Intel Rapid Start and Intel Anti-Theft.  Smart Response technology, in most cases will be maintained .

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xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

Ivy Bridge and Cougar Point chipset

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