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reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other
Posted:2006-06-25 By hardware review
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By :hardware review


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reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other

Bios password are used to secure your desktop and latop computer by preventing user from changing your bios setting or acessing to your computer while u are away.there is too type of password protection

the first one is bios setup protection:to prevent user from changing bios setting

thesecond one  system proetction:to make the system unbootable intel entring the password.

but sometime user can forget their password or even wrose they can get infected by bios Backdoor verus.so sending back the unit for reset bios is expensive here is some why how to recover or remove u lost bios password

U can start first by mailing your Before hardware manufacturer support  before attempting to bypass the BIOS password on a computer or laptop,  then ask them if there is some bypass security.in the worest case u will not get any answer so here is the type oto follow 

  • 1) u can start by using  a manufacturers backdoor password to access the BIOS

  • 2) there is large range of password cracking software can be also used

  • 3)on of the most efficase way is to reset the bios cmos .just look to the motherboard somewhere near your battery thir should be a jumper placed in two pin.if there is no third pin just take out the jumper then place it back .if there is a thrid jumper just place it in 2-3 possition then back to normal possition .dont forget to fully switch off  your pc or laptop.u can risk of riuning your motherboard if u clear the cmos with powered up motherboard .

  • 4)the second way how to get the bios to default value is by removing the battery .just remove it for 30 min the put it back .again u must fully unplug any power cable during the process

  • by Overloading the keyboard buffer.not alwais working but should help in some case

  • The last way is toUse a professional service

additional note:the data that remined in your hdd is not safe when u place a password for system setup .anyone how have a physic acess to your computer or laptop can easly get data stored in your hdd using another system.the only exception is to laptop from IBM there is a possiblity to lock hard drive if the supervisor password is enabled.in case where the supervisor password is reset without resetting the and hard drive password as well, you will be unable to access the data .

Backdoor passwords

Note:There is some bios That will fully lock the system when u type a wrong password 

more than three time so please be carefful when entring those password and read 

your bios manufacture documentation before making any change Some BIOS configurations will lock you out of the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times. Read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting before you begin typing in passwords

Award BIOS backdoor passwords:
aLLY Condo PINT 01322222
ALLY d8on pint 589589
aPAf djonet SER 589721
_award HLT SKY_FOX 595595
AWARD_SW J64 SYXZ 598598
AWARD?SW J256 syxz
AWARD SW J262 shift + syxz


AMI BIOS backdoor passwords:

PHOENIX BIOS backdoor passwords:


BIOSTAR lkwpeter
biostar setup
biosstar SETUP
cmos Wodj

Manufacturer Password
VOBIS & IBM merlin
Dell Dell
Biostar Biostar
Compaq Compaq
Enox xo11nE
Epox central
Freetech Posterie
IWill iwill
Jetway spooml
Packard Bell bell9
Siemens SKY_FOX
Toshiba Toshiba


To bypass the bios password in some desktop and Most Toshiba laptops systems left shift key is held down during boot.just try this keyboard combinition as start and the result


Press both mouse buttons repeatedly during the boot

Password cracking software

Here 3 of the most used software to crack or reset the system bios password.those utitility are not licenced by your motherboard manufacturer so using them will be at your own risk.there are some that can recover the password by brute forcing than display it to your screen.other software will just use assembly for award algoritme and then try to find out the cureent password.and last type by overflooding the bios


Using the Motherboard "Clear CMOS" Jumper or Dipswitch settings

many motherboard are using this jumper old one like new.just check the documentation for location and usage info.generally this jumper shuld be located near the bios chip or near the battery.there is usually 3 pin witch two of them covred with this jumper.

1) so first turn of your system

2) unplug the power cable from your psu

3) wait 30 s to be safe and to be sure that motherbard is fully decharged

4) locate the jumper

5) if there is 3 pin : the jumper show be in 1-2 possition remove it to 2-3 position wait few second than place the jumper back .

  -if there in only 2 jumper : it is even easyer just remove the jumer wait  few second then plae it back

6) place your psu cable back then power your system and you are done

This procedure abrove are most used with desktop computer for laptop it is even easyer the the dipswitches "used to clear the cmos" is located under the keyboard or in the botton.just check your documentation or contact your laptop manufacturer if u cant find this switches.

Removing the CMOS Battery

removing the battery is the step that u should fellow if the jumper switch that is used abrove did not help the get the password rest.

a quike overlook to the motherboard and u can easly find where u battery is placed .generaly is a sqaure battery.

lets process the step.

1) Turn of your system

2) unplug the psu cable remenber that u can burn your motherboard if the power still pluged while u are removing the battery

3) take the battery out .be carefull when removing it to not break anything.just note how the battery was placed.u need to put back later :-)

4) wait about 30 min in some case u should wait more"up to 24 hours" but generally 30 min if enough to get the bios setting rest

5) place the battery back please note how the battery was placed .placing it in wrong why can drive it to explose.

6)plug your power cable and power u your system

Note: that all previews setting will rest to default one.exemple hdd boot priority,memory setting etc... u should reconfigure them back if u had made change before.

some battery come soldered onto the mathboard then it will be harder to remove it u will need so soldeing skills.

new laptop store the password without requiring a contunious power .so rmoving the battery should not help in this case

IBM based system use special jumper to rest the bios password .again just check the documentation for additonal info

bios password recovery Win 89 tick

Yes, you can crack this password if that is not set as Power on password ( the one which prompts right when you start the machine ).

If you are still able to boot into Windows do this:

Restart in Ms-DOS mode

Press Enter
Type O 70 18
Press Enter
Type O 71 FF
Press Enter
Type Q
Press Enter
Power the system off and on by unplugging and re-plugging the system into the power outlet

Overloading the KeyBoard Buffer

U can overload the keyboard buffer isn old system .sor exemple:hitting the " ESC " key many time rapidly. u can also try the " INSERT " + " DELETE " tick.just start rapidely pushing those two key repectively just after powering the system.and the last known keyboard tick using the "ESCAPE" "F1" it may work with the principe in some motherboard

Jumping the Solder Beads on the CMOS

An additional way consist on connecting or skeeping some specific solder beads on the chipset.be carrefull u can easly broke the motherboard if u make a wrong connection or a wrong skeep,u can check the manufacturer documentation on this or  just contact them and ask.this technique is for advanced user and usually used as last try

Using a professional service

using a professional service. like  Password Crackers, Inc.,  it offers many  services for desktop and laptop computers the cost usually is between $100 and $400.

dell laptop reset bios password

u will be asked for proof to be the owner of this laptop or desktop THere was  many of question regarding how to rest bios password for dell laptop but the answer can be one of those abrove solution.

Aditional type for DELL: U can give ac power & barry & then by prassing the CONTROL+ALT+E KEY THEN POWER ON THE SYSTEM & CHECK.

Last Type:To obtain the password, you have to call Dell technical support line on 800-624-9896. Provide the system ID or the Service tag. After verifying information that validates the purchase of unit, tech support would give in the master password. Type in the master password and then hold down the <CTRL> and <Enter> keys at the same time. This would clear all the passwords.

This is for Dell CP and CPI Latitudes, it has not been tried on other models. Another way to crack it is to create a short in the 24c02 chip (the markings on the top of the chip) between pins 3 and 6 when you power on!
Before you try that though, remove the hard-drive and see if you get the same error.
If NOT, then it is a Hard-drive password and not a system password. This fix is for a system BIOS password only. A new Hard-drive should fix it if it boots w/o the hard-drive or is cleared of a system BIOS password.
The chip is below the processor so you have to solder two very small wires and bring them outside the laptop then reinstall the processor. Short the two wires and power on! Pin 1 is the one with the dot in the corner. Next pin on the same side is 2 then 3,4, and 5,6,7,8 going around the corner with pin 8 being across from pin1. The power on password will be disabled and you will be able to access the system settings via the F2 during bootup as if it was never there. This works for me, works great.
Only catch is…if there is also a hard-drive password, it will not disable that one and you will get the same message. But at least you will be able to put in a new hard-drive and use the laptop. I haven’t figured out a fix for the hard-drive one yet, except I may try to adapt a cable to connect the laptop drive to a desktop pc and then I should be able to Fdisk it etc. (the laptop looks for the password protection, I doubt the desktop will especially another brand.) You could try to install the hard-drive in another brand laptop. Perhaps then you can Fdisk it etc. to reclaim it.
For those of you who are not accustomed to soldering PC boards. Make sure the wire does not touch other pins or the case. Do NOT OVERHEAT the chip! Work in short sets of applying heat and let it rest a few minutes between attempts if you can not get it to attach right away. No more than 8 seconds at a time at low temp setting.
I used some old “wire-wrap” wire. It is very-very small, single solid strand, and insulated. Be sure to ground the solder iron to the case just before you solder and REMOVE THE BATTERY FIRST!


xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other

we would be happy to answer for your question . if you have suggestion or comment regarding this review our support would be glad to help just join our forum and ask u will get the best answer to discuss check our forum section :-)


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xtreview -  reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other

reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other
reset bios password dell laptop desktop toshiba ibm compaq and other

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